Thursday, October 15, 2015

6 Inspirational Books by Breast Cancer Survivors

     As most probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  What you do not know is that my Grammy was a Breast Cancer Survivor.  A single mastectomy was done to remove one of her breast along with the Cancer.  She lived a long productive life afterwards.  Her diagnosis is only one reason for my dedication to sharing Awareness & Support for the subject.
     This all being said, I wanted to share some inspirational book finds with y'all.  All of these books are written by women who have kicked Cancer's butt.  I believe that even if you are not being faced with this ugly disease, you can still find strength & courage from these ladies.


Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held on to Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour by Amy Robach

      In 2013, Amy Robach had an on-air mammogram done as part of October's Breast Cancer Awareness.  As a result, malignant tumors were discovered & Amy had to undergo a bilateral mastectomy to remove both of her breasts.
     Better is a recount of Amy's journey through discovering her illness, her amazing support network, & finding the power to overcome.

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Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts & Veronica Chambers

     In her memoir, Robin Roberts tells of her journey through life so far.  She shares everything from overcoming Breast Cancer, to fighting a rare blood condition, to her mother's passing.  Along the way she also tells of the amazing support she experienced from her friends & family.
     Throughout her memoir, Robin shares that we've all got something- heartbreak, medical issues, etc. but we also all have something to give- hope, encouragement, a warm embrace, etc.

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Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney's 32 On-Screen Rejections by Giuliana Rancic

     In her heartwarming & hilarious memoir, Giuliana Rancic shares stories from her life.  She shares both the good & the bad.  The glamorous & the ugly.  From everything to her dreams of becoming a TV anchorwoman to her battles with Breast Cancer & infertility.  You will learn the entire truth behind these publicized struggles.  And she introduces the readers to her two loves, Bill (her husband) & Duke (her son).

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 Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival by Joan Lunden

     In this memoir, journalist Joan Lunden shares her personal transformation brought forth from her battle against Breast Cancer.  She tells about learning all she could about the disease, the plan she created to battle through it, & the huge response she received in the form of support from all over. 
     Joan also shares how Breast Cancer changed her personal perspective on true beauty.  No longer does she see it as a materialistic thing but something much deeper.  True Beauty is about strength & character.

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Pink is the New Black: Healing the Hidden Scars of Breast Cancer: a Journey from Grief to Grace by Sarah McLean

     Sarah McLean will leave readers feeling inspired & encouraged after sharing her personal journey.  As a two-time Breast Cancer survivor, before the age of 35, she shares her transparent ups & downs.  With the belief that vulnerability is a key to healing, Sarah's readers will possibly be shocked by her honesty.
     This book will leave you, the reader, feeling as if you know Sarah in real life.  You will cheer her on & cry for her.  Realizing by the end that no matter how strong you are, no one should go through life's struggles alone.

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Red Sunshine: A Story of Strength and Inspiration from a Doctor Who Survived Stage 3 Breast Cancer by Kimberly Allison M.D.

     Dr. Kimberly Allison shares an honest account of her journey from being the doctor who diagnoses Breast Cancer to the patient who is battling her way through it.  In her memoir, she shares an honest account of how she tried to make the most of her situation.  With honesty, and humor, the doctor also touches on the importance of friends & family. 

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