Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crave (Undone Book 1): By Jennifer Dawson

 Crave (Undone Book 1)
by Jennifer Dawson

Series: Undone 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 350 pages
Publishers: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 14, 2015
Age Level: 18+
Format Read: Kindle Edition
Received Copy via: Self Purchased
Connect with the author:

I vow. I crave. I give in.

I used to be a nice, normal girl. I had dreams. Good, happy dreams of a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a fairytale love that lasts forever. Nobody ever warned me that sometimes, the prince dies three weeks before the wedding.

Like any addict, I swear this time is the last….

Now, I go through my days, a shadow of my former self. I pretend I’m okay, and the people in my life pretend to believe me. But, sometimes, when I can no longer stand the craving, I roam an underground sex club looking for my next hit. It’s dirty and wrong, but I can’t stop, and my only line of defense between them and me, are the rules I’ve designed to keep me safe. Men always abide by my rules. Until I meet him.

And, like any addict, I’m wrong.

I don’t question the instincts that tell me to run. One look at him, standing there, power radiating off him in waves, tells me all I need to know. He will make me crave those happy dreams I’ve left behind. And that is not an option. 

Near the end of November, I will be participating in a blog tour for Sinful (Undone Book 2).  As part of that tour, I will be sharing a review of the book.  It was this event that made me want to take the time to read the first book in the Undone series, Crave.

All I can say is... Thank Goodness I decided to!   

Layla, the main character, is nothing shy of an emotional wreck.  In her defense though- it's due to tragic events that were totally unforeseen.  My love for her did nothing but flourish throughout this read.  I laughed at her, felt proud of her, & cried 1000 tears for her.

When Layla meets Michael during one of her late night visits to an underground sex club, I could almost feel his waves of power emerging from my Kindle.  And from that moment on, I was obsessed with what was happening between the two.  No joke!  I read over 100 pages in one night alone.  My emotions became entangled in this story.  Big time!  I found myself thinking ahead.  Hoping for this.  Refusing to believe that.  Screaming inside my head.  Swooning & smirking over & over again.

This entire book is amazing!  I went into reading it blindly.  I had no clue what to expect.  After binge reading it for 2 nights in a row, I have no regrets!  I'm slightly sleepy as a mom of 4 but it was TOTALLY worth it!!  And for anyone who enjoys Contemporary Romance- I HIGHLY recommend this book <3

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