Thursday, November 19, 2015

A "Bookish Bevil" Update


I want to apologize for being away for so long.  My laptop needed some repairs before the protection plan expired.  Never did I expect to still be without my computer almost three weeks later.  And then I received a call this morning to let me know that the new LCD screen isn't estimated to arrive until December 9th!!!!  I'm not pleased.  And that's really an understatement.

Not wanting to stay away from you guys any longer, here I am.  I'm typing this from my Kindle & trying to figure out how to make it until December without my clipart images, Photoshop, etc.  I can't promise my posts will be all pretty but I plan on trying to still share some posts while I wait for my computer to return.  I will edit the posts later to add images.  Please forgive me!

It has been rough not having access to my laptop, as you all can imagine, but I haven't been ignoring my book blogger duties.  There are many reviews to share with you & other bookish things.  I look forward to finally getting back into a semi-swing of things....

Thanks for stopping by!!


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