Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Storybook Writing Update

Hiya, Pals!  I wanted to take some time to elaborate some more on my newest endeavor.  If you read my 'October Recap' post, you already know that I have recently started working on writing a children's book series.
This has been on my mind for a few months.  However, it wasn't until this past week that I actually set to work on getting the first book written.  It's still a rough draft (meaning, it could still change a bit) but I am super excited, none the less!

I'm not going to give an in-depth description but here is a quick run down:
  • It's a series featuring cute, adorable insects.
  • Each book is about a different insect.
  • The insect is faced with some issue that children can relate to.

The overall purpose of the series is to give children a cute way to see that they are not alone in what ever situation they are dealing with

I'm really not sure how many books there will be or how long each book will be.  It's still a new brainchild even though I've already put the first book down on paper.

My main top 3 goals at the current moment are:

- Find an illustrator.  Our roommate has said that he'd be interested in working with me but I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do.
- I need to learn more about the process of getting a children's book published.  This is all new to me.  I honestly never really planned on writing a children's book, let alone an entire series.
- I'd love to compile a list of main characters & their main "struggles".  This is something that I believe would be helpful when working on each book.  Especially for the illustrator.

Well, I look forward to sharing more details with y'all as things unfold.  This may all be something that I've only been planning on doing for a few months but it feels so good that it's all starting to come together... I have faith. I CAN do this!!
Thanks for listening!!


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