Sunday, January 10, 2016

5 Bookish Pages to Follow on Pinterest

Hello my fellow book nerds!  

It has been quite an eventful week for me.  I have finally launched my new Virtual Assisting business & I couldn't be happier with the way things are currently going.  As part of my social media management, I've been going through & setting up new accounts for the business.  One of those being a new Pinterest account.

As I was going through, trying to add a few helpful boards, I came up with an idea to share some of the more book focused pages with y'all.  There are so many out there but to begin with, I have decided to narrow it down to 5 of my favorites.  If you find these interesting enough, I may add to the list at a later date!

So, without further ado - here are 5 Book related Pinterest pages that are sure to suck you in.  Please proceed with caution though.  These pages just may suck you in.  Be prepared for hours of bookish bliss!  And no worries~ you can thank me later!

Do you have a Pinterest page where you share your favorite book related finds?  Is there a particular page that you follow that others should know about?  If so, please comment below.  Inquiring minds want to know.  I want to know!  


Penguin Books USA- With 70+ boards, you are sure to find more than enough to keep you busy for a while.  Their board topics range from 'Staff Picks from Penguin!" to "Read with you Little Penguin."  Interested in a particular author or book series?  They just may have something you'll find worthy of pinning.

Bookish Magpie- If you're looking for an organized version of "everything but the kitchen sink" on Pinterest, then Bookish Magpie is the one to follow.  Heck!  You may even be able to find a few things about your kitchen sink, too.  Many of the boards are either book or writing related.  Enjoy!

Harlequin Books- I'm sure you could have guessed but Harlequin offers 70+ boards of bookish things.  Here, you'll find recommendations by category, giveaways, events, & much, much more.  They even have a board that focuses on inspirational women.  Definitely worth a visit & most likely a follow.

Library Lovers- This is probably one of the best bookish pinners that I have come across since I've been on Pinterest.  And that has been for quite a while.  You will find books by category, poetry, & even a board for book trailers.  If you visit no other pinner today, please at least check this one out!

Book Riot- As their description states, Book Riot is "Always book, never boring."  This goes for everything about Book Riot... especially their Pinterest page.  I mean, how can things be boring when you have 50+ boards of nothing but book related pins?  You very well can't...  So swing by today & give them a follow.  You will not regret it!


  1. I'm chuffed to be included in your list of "5 Bookish Pages to Follow on Pinterest". Thank you!