Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Alpha Tauri Strain by JT Alblood

Alpha Tauri Strain 
by JT Alblood

Genre: Dark Speculative Sci fi
Age Level: 18+
Print Length: 20,240
Publishers: Smashwords
Publication Date: Oct. 09, 2015 

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"First, build a spaceship. Then, kill God.

1920 Vienna, Wilhelm Reich is a medical student, working as a night nurse at a mental hospital when he meets and falls in love with Maria Orsic, a stunningly beautiful young woman who just happens to be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. ‘Fly me to the Hell ’. He helps her escape, only to lose her the next morning. Years later, he is a respected psychiatrist working in Berlin when he meets her for the second time. And she needs his help again — with a message she’s received from the aliens.

Each end has a story. This anamorphous trilogy is a complex one and includes mystics; Nazis, occult societies, the thousands-year-long invasion of aliens into the human genome, retro-chronal causality, secret codes within DNA, the number Pi, the Holy book and so much more.



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