Thursday, April 20, 2017

February Bookcase.Club subscription box review


*I received this subscription box for an honest review*
*This post contains affiliate links*

Available Subscription Options:
- Month to Month
- 3 Month (Prepay)
- 6 Month (Prepay) 
-12 Month (Prepay) 

Available Genre Options:

- Read to Me
- Blind Date

- Strange Worlds
- Thrill Seeker
- Booking for Love
- Teenage Dreams
- Quarterly Military History (*Every 3 Months)
- Quarterly Cookbooks (*Every 3 Months)

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So What's in Each Box?
Read to Me- "Four handpicked Children's Picture books delivered to your door every month." ($9.99-$100.00)

Blind Date- "Two handpicked Paranormal Romance novels delivered to your door every month." ($9.99-$100.00)

Strange Worlds- "Two Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels Delivered to your door every month." ($9.99-$100.00)

Thrill Seeker- "Two handpicked Mystery/Thriller novels delivered to your door every month." ($9.99-$100.00)

Booking for Love- "Two handpicked Romance novels delivered to your door every month." ($9.99-$100.00)

Teenage Dreams- "Two handpicked Young Adult novels delivered to your door every month." ($9.99-$100.00)

Quarterly Military History- "Two Military History books delivered to your door every three months." ($9.99-$100.00)

Quarterly Cookbooks- "Two Cookbooks delivered to your door every three months." ($9.99-$100.00)

More About BookCase.Club :
"BookCase.Club was created to share the joy of reading with the world. We believe in the importance of literature, and the magic of the written word. Stories help to expand our minds, expose us to new experiences, and show us that we're not alone. But we also know that reading can often feel like a solitary activity, and we wanted a way to bring book nerds together. By sharing the fun of unboxing your BookCases, as well as reading each month's chosen novels along with other members, we hope you find a safe and happy place among our community."

What I received: I was lucky enough to receive the February 2017 subscription box. (In exchange for my honest review & opinion.)

Inside I found:
- Secrets in the Shadows (The Guardians of the Night bk. 2) by Jenna Black
Jace (The Shadow Wranglers bk. 3) by Sarah McCarty

Secrets in the Shadows
by Jenna Black can be purchased in mass market paperback for the price of $6.50 (Amazon Prime).  Jace by Sarah McCarty can be purchased on paperback for the price of $9.24 (Amazon Prime). That's almost 37% in savings if you pay $9.99 for a single month.

I have to admit that I was kind of saddened by the fact that both books were a part of series. The likely hood that I have already read the previous books from these specific series is very slim. This may not bother some but I, personally, prefer to read books of a series in order. This being said though- Let's be honest. I'm still in love with the fact of saving money on interesting books on a monthly basis.

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