If you are an Author or Publisher who is interested in having me review your book, feel free to email me at Bookishbevil@gmail.com

Most Recent Statistics:

Time Frame- September 28, 2015 thru October 18, 2015
As you can tell, Bookish Bevil had a pretty steady rate of growth, even in the beginning.  To date, I am just shy of 155,000 lifetime views.  (After being on hiatus for a while)  I am planning for a continuation in the growth of my blog as I strive to create & share a wide variety of Book related content.  Reviews being a large part of that content.

Would you like to have your book reviewed & shared by moi?  If so, here's a bit about my Review Policy...

Formats Excepted:
I except the following formats for review...
  • ARCs
  • Finished Copies
  • eBooks/galleys (for Kindle)
Preferred Genres:
I am willing to give any genre a try.  However, I prefer...
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • New Adult Romance
  • Supernatural
  • Inspirational Memoirs
  • Humor
  • Anything concerning ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, or PTSD
Rating Process:
I reserve the right to give my honest opinion on all books that I review.  The ratings I give range from 5 Cups of Brew (One of the Best!!) to 1 Cup of Brew (Did Not Finish!!). 

My reviews include information about the book, where the book can be purchased, a synopsis of the book, my personal opinion of the book (likes/dislikes), & my rating.  I will also include an "About the Author" section if desired.  This includes links to where the author can be found, as well.  A giveaway is another additional option that I offer with review posts.

I tend to focus more on the likes of a book than the dislikes.  However, if there is something that is frequent & stands out as an obvious issue/annoyance to me, I will more than likely mention it.  As stated above, I reserve that right.  

Expected Completion Time:
Unfortunately, I am unable to promise a certain amount of time before your review will be complete.  My family & household obviously takes top priority.  Especially since my husband is an Over the Road Truck Driver.  If there is a specific date you'd like for the review to be completed by or shared on, please let me know when sending an inquiry.  You will be notified when my review is complete & I'll let you know before it goes live.  This way you can share the news with your followers!

Any review that is part of a Blog Tour, will be posted on the desired date.

ARCs will be reviewed & then the post will more than likely go live a few weeks before the release date. (Unless otherwise requested)

A few important notes:
  • I do not mind reviewing a book that is not first in a series but I will ask for the ones written prior.  Even if the requested book can be read as a stand alone.  I prefer to read all prior books before hand.
  • I share my reviews on my website & Goodreads.  However, if requested, I am willing to share them elsewhere as well.  Just let me know!
  • I do not mind offering a giveaway along with my reviews.  Matter of fact, they tend to draw additional attention.  Driving more traffic for both me & you.  If you'd like to offer a giveaway, please let me know.  Please Read more about my giveaways on the 'Giveaway Policy' page. 

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